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Strategic Development

Future Developments

1. Research and Development

• Camera Modules
Continue to promote the research and development of camera module products, unswervingly work towards the three directions of new materials, new processes and new products. Deepen the development in ultra-high pixel camera modules, 3D modules, multi-fold optical zoom camera modules, miniaturized camera modules, optical stabilizing enabled camera modules and large aperture camera modules and strive to provide integrated solutions for mid-to-high-end camera modules for smart mobile terminals, automobiles, and IoT products.

• Fingerprint Recognition Modules
The Group is one of the leading manufacturers of capacitive fingerprint recognition modules and also the industry leader in the field of under-glass fingerprint recognition modules In the future, the Group will continue to deepen technology research and development in this product field and extend its product offering to ultra-thin under-glass fingerprint recognition module, TFT-LCD optical under-glass fingerprint recognition module, large-area under-glass optical fingerprint recognition module, side-button fingerprint recognition module etc. Furthermore, the Group will keep track of other technology routes such as ultrasonic under-glass fingerprint recognition modules etc., to maintain the Group's leading position in the field of fingerprint recognition modules.

2. Customer Acquisition

Focusing on customers’ experience, working with the sense of craftsmanship and thereby ensuring to provide customers with good quality products and excellent comprehensive services. Currently, the Group has launched a comprehensive cooperative relationship with most of the world leading smartphone branded customers and has obtained a high-ranking market share. Looking ahead, we will continue to vigorously promote the expansion of other global leading smartphone brands, with a long-term goal of becoming a core supplier of all global leading smartphone brands. In addition, the Group will also strive to continue to expand customers base to the automotive, facial recognition payment, UAV, smart security and other Internet of Things(IoT) terminal markets, and strive to achieve further breakthroughs in the application of camera modules in non-mobile area.

3. Large Scale Intelligent Manufacturing

By increasing investment in equipment and human resources, continuing to build an Industrial 4.0 mass production infrastructure, implementing automated and intelligent production gradually, substantially reducing the use of labor in production to industry-leading low level, improving production efficiency and first pass yield, promoting lean production to reach the three goals of "manufacturing automation", "process digitization" and "intelligent control".

4. Vertical Integration

Through diversified strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, direct investment, and internal research and development, we strive to achieve vertical integration of core components production, and through the sharing of technical resources and customer resources, we strive to develop an integrated solution that provides customers with more cost-effective intelligent visual products in order to enhance the customers’ collaboration.