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Stock Code: 1478.HK

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Focus on high-end precision manufacturing, research and development -
China's leading domestic manufacturer of camera module

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Q Technology won the "Best CFO Award" and "Best IR Award" 2020-01-10

On January 9th, Mr. Fan Fuqiang, Chief Financial Officer and Mr. So Yung Pang, Director of Investor Relations, of Q Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Q Technology”)  won The "Best CFO award” and the "Best IR Award" at the "Fourth Hong Kong Golden Stocks Awards Ceremony" held in Shenzhen, were once again recognized by the capital market community.


The "Hong Kong Golden Stocks Awards" is jointly organized by two leading Hong Kong and US stock information platforms in Mainland China, namely and Golden Hong Kong stocks are the benchmark for the domestic investment community. The awards of Golden Hong Kong stocks over the years provide an important investment credentials for the market. In order to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the selection, the Golden Hong Kong stock selection lasted for three months. The investment experts panel have rigorously evaluated the performance growth, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, and market of nearly a thousand Hong Kong listed companies over the past year. Factors such as influence and capital market performance are considered together with the corresponding public voting weights during screening.


Q Technology is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mid-to-high end camera modules and fingerprint recognition modules and is committed to becoming an advanced intelligent vision company. Through continuous improvement in the capabilities in optics design, precision manufacturing and systems integration, Q Technology is dedicated to illuminating things by providing machine vision and human vision to mobile terminals, automobile and robots.


Mr. Fan Fuqiang, Chief Financial Officer of Q Technology, said: " We are grateful to received two awards of Golden Hong Kong Stocks at a time and regard it as an affirmation of the capital market and a great encouragement to Q Technology. We will strive to create greater value to all the investors in the future.”