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Kunshan QT was recognized by Kunshan government in a major automated production line enhancement project 2018-11-26

Kunshan QTech Microelectronics co. Ltd. (“Kunshan QT”) project of “Implementation of automated production line of fingerprint recognition modules of smartphone” has been approved and received RMB 9.61 million from the Kunshan government as the prize money.

In recent, Kunshan QT has dedicated in developing automated production, intelligence production and implemented substantial production lines upgrade of camera modules and fingerprint recognition modules. The above project was supported by Kunshan government and filed to Economy and Information Technology Commission of Kunshan in 2017 and proceeded to review and publicity by July 2018. The award approval represents the recognition and encouragement of Kunshan government on the works of Kunshan QT in enhancing the level of automation in production. We would like to show our gratitude and will continue relentlessly on building an intelligent vision solution provider of portable smart terminal and achieve the goals of letting machine to see and understand the world better, as well as contributing to the industrial upgrades of the country and creating more values for shareholders.